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"It is with great respect and excellence of experience that I have always had with your company that I write today. Not only do I know how capable and professional Bedford Freight Lines is, I know how trustworthy and kind they are from a drivers point of view. I am retired now, but I was always treated with respect and saw just what a real family (in all the important ways) they are. You can count on Bedford Freight Lines…they are simply the best."
Jack M. Tabbutt
"Over the last 24 years now, Bedford Freight has given my husband and me the opportunity to haul many loads and make good money. Without a question, their communication and dispatchers have given us professional treatment. They are very cooperative from pick-up to delivery, making themselves and integral part of the service we provide for them and their clients. We were also fortunate enough to work for the company while Mr. Herb Fields was still there. He was a great person to work with. He was kind enough to give a us a chance when we first started our trucking endeavor. We will always remember him fondly."
Cecilia and Erwin Monzon, Owner Operators, Freeway Delivery